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In January of 2010, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. In February, 4 weeks later, one of our Executive Directors Melissa Saint Cyr, joined a relief team. During her time in Haiti, she felt a strong calling to this beautiful country. In December of the same year, she met Lender Saint Cyr, our other Executive Director. Lender was born and raised on the island of La Gonave and has always felt a strong calling to serve the people of his community.

In October of 2011, a children's home was opened on the island of La Gonave. It was here in 2013 that Lender and Melissa, who had become married by this point, began serving full-time, dedicating themselves to the well-being of the children in the home.

In 2019, as the children grew older, we faced a new challenge - helping them transition into adulthood. And so, the transitional program was born. The goal is to equip these young adults with the skills and support they need to build a successful future.

As Melissa and Lender's mission expanded on La Gonave, a new chapter began in 2020 when La Gonave Haiti Missions began.

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